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Building on the success of my 2007 Found In A Crowd (with Rita Montlack) and my 2008/2009 Hands-Across projects I am proud to announce my newest community contributed art project entitled "Tell Me A Joke" which premiered at the 2009 Bridge Project on the Trolley Level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge.

The premise is simple, I told everyone:
"You tell me a joke and I'll give you a nickel."

282 people signed a release form and allowed me to videotape their performances!

The collection of jokes are integrated into this website and I am currently producing a DVD of the complete (dirty jokes and all) 282 jokes - this is 2.5 hours of jokes!

Buy Volume 1 on DVD!

If you would like me to bring TellMeAJoke to your festival or event please email me at: sillyservices@gmail.com

The Fine Print:
All participants were over 18 years of age and signed release forms are on file with SillyServices.com.

We did not censor the jokes (though we did encourage people not to tell the Aristocrats).

There are some duplicate jokes, some very unfunny jokes, and one joke has a very bad technical difficulty.

For those technically minded please note that this was recorded at an outdoor festival with only one take per joke and one operator at the controls and that while levels were checked each time most people just got louder and louder.

Note: While not all of the jokes are explicit (yes there are funny and clean jokes), I have tagged the entire project as explicit for parental convenience.

This project is brought to you by SillyServices.com - your one stop shop for everything silly!

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